New logo, new website — same great service

new logo image

A message from your co-op’s President and CEO:

I am thrilled to share exciting news about a significant milestone in our journey as we embark on a new era of unity, collaboration and service. This month, we launch our rebranding initiative, bringing together Gibson Electric and Gibson Connect with an identical logo.

This strategic move represents a unified vision for our organization, symbolizing our commitment to continued innovation and service enhancement as well as fostering even stronger connections with our communities and embracing a future that revolves around collaboration and synergy.

We are proud to unveil a new logo that we’ll use for our individual businesses of Gibson Electric and Gibson Connect. The new logo is a simple yet powerful “G” that serves as a visual symbol of the strength of our unity and our commitment to service progress.

The Gibson Electric and Gibson Connect logos reflect our dedication to creating a seamless, exceptional experience for our members. By consolidating our brand symbol, we aim to streamline our communications, simplify our messaging and enhance the overall clarity of our unified identity.

This step is not just about rebranding; it’s about reinforcing our commitment to our members and the communities we serve.

Along with the cobranded identity, I am excited to introduce the launch of our new joint website at, where you’ll discover an improved online experience designed with you in mind.

The website is a dynamic space offering enriched content, easy navigation and interactive features to better engage you in meaningful ways and meet your needs. Through, you can easily access information and conveniently transact business with Gibson Electric and Gibson Connect.

Despite these changes, one thing remains constant — our unwavering commitment to providing exceptional local electric and fiber internet services. We are the same local, not-for-profit, member-owned and member-controlled organization with the same devoted team of employees you know and trust. We will continue to prioritize your needs, ensuring that the quality of service you expect and deserve remains at the forefront of everything we do.

As you encounter our fresh, forward-moving “G” logo on our buildings, vehicles and other items across our communities, know that it represents more than a visual transformation. It is a symbol of our dedication to cooperation, innovation, service, community and continued progress.

We are immensely grateful for the trust and support you have placed in Gibson Electric and Gibson Connect. We look forward to building upon that foundation and creating a brighter, more connected
future together.

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