PayGo is a pay-before-consumption program and an alternative to Traditional Billing. Members say they like PayGo because they don't have to pay the deposit they'd have to pay with Traditional Billing, and they receive much more information about their energy usage. This information, they say, helps them to use energy more efficiently.

New or existing residential or GSA1 members may choose to participate. Of course, applicable fees must be paid before the commencement of service. Existing members with account balances may pay either the account balance or utilize a debt recovery mechanism. (Call for details regarding the debt recovery mechanism.) Members with a Gibson Electric heat pump loan and/or water heater loan are not eligible for PayGo.

With PayGo you pay for electricity in advance; and as you use electricity, your account balance decreases. A minimum payment of $40 is required for representative-assisted payments, but participants may pay any amount or any time of the day or night using the free Gibson Electric app, Gibson Electric's automated phone system, or through this site. Payments may be made by phone or online using Check-by-Phone, or debit or credit VISA, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover.

Should your PayGo account reach a debit or negative balance, your electricity will be automatically disconnected. Therefore, it is important for you to closely monitor your account balance. We make this easy. You can check your account balance online, opt to receive a low-balance e-mail, text, or automated phone message alert. Monthly statements are not sent to PayGo participants.

Members who choose PayGo pay the same electric rate, the same $5 membership fee, and the same connection fees as those who choose Traditional Billing. Energy usage plus pro-rate monthly fees apply. Members waive prior written notification for disconnection.

PayGo Terms and Conditions


New and existing residential and GSA1 members qualify for participation. The member must pay all applicable fees before commencement of the service. Existing members with billed or unbilled account balances may either pay the existing balance or the Cooperative will collect the balance through the debt recovery mechanism. Members with heat pump and/or water heater loans are not eligible for PayGo.

Fees and Charges

Any and all existing fees, rates and charges continue to apply, including existing applicable energy charges and member charges. Energy usage plus pro-rata monthly fees apply.

How the Plan Works

A member wishing to enroll in prepay service shall make a request to the Cooperative. The Cooperative will allow enrollment into prepay service if the member meets the eligibility requirements. Once a credit balance has been established the account will be activated. As energy is consumed, the credit balance is reduced until either the balance is exhausted or additional payments are added to the balance.

Any account with a $0 balance is subject to immediate disconnection. Participants will receive daily notification of account balance information via email. They will receive low balance alerts through the automated phone system and/or text messaging. Members may also receive balance information anytime by text if they send “BAL” in the message to


Once an initial credit balance has been established, participants may pay the $40 minimum or more at any Gibson Electric Member Service Center, or pay any amount by calling the office and making a payment through the Automated Member Service System, using the Gibson Electric mobile app, or by visiting Prepaid accounts are not eligible for credit extensions or payment arrangements. Member will not receive a monthly bill.

Debt Recovery

A debt recovery mechanism will be utilized to collect any prior balance that may exist when the member applies for service. A percentage of 50% of an agreed upon prior debt balance will be taken out of each payment received from member and applied to existing debt, until the debt is paid in full.


Members may elect to be notified of low balances and daily balance via e-mail and/or text message or through our automated member service system. Through the auto-mated member service system, members will receive phone calls for low-balance alerts only. Disconnection of an account will occur when a member’s account balance reaches $0. Participants may check daily account balances by calling 1-731-855-4660. Member is responsible for notifying the Cooperative of any change in the email address or cellular telephone number designated to receive notifications. Member also understands that he/she is responsible for any cellular telephone or texting charge incurred due to daily notifications being sent to these devices. Gibson Electric is not responsible for fees charged by the member’s carrier.

I understand that I am responsible for carrier charges relating to email or text notifications. If text notification is selected, members may obtain balance information by sending a text message at any time to with “BAL” in the message.


An account will be subject to immediate disconnection at any time the account does not have a credit balance including weekends, holidays, or during severe weather conditions. If an account is disconnected, a minimum payment of $40 plus any negative amount on the account must be paid for reconnection. Of this $40, $10 will cover administrative costs for reconnection and the remaining $30 will go to the member’s account balance. A disconnect collar will be installed on each prepaid account. I understand that I must notify Gibson Electric if I move or cease service at this location. Prorated daily charges still apply until the member requests a final disconnect. Gibson Electric will finalize the account after 10 days of inactive service. Member is waiving prior written notice for disconnection.


Participants may convert an account to postpaid electric service at any time provided the member’s account is current and an adequate security deposit is provided. Service terminated at the request of the member will receive a refund of any remaining credit on the account.