Gibson Protect

What is Gibson Protect?

Every Gibson Connect subscriber gets Gibson Protect as part of their internet package because we don't think you should pay extra for secure and reliable internet service. Keep reading to learn more about what is included with Gibson Protect. Current subscribers with our equipment can access all of these features through the Gibson Connect Smart Home app.

Managed Wi-Fi


You have so much to do already, why add "Home Network Maintenance" to your list of chores? We'll make sure your connection is solid, your router is up to date, and if you ever have a problem we're only a phone call or a short drive away. With Gibson Protect your Wi-Fi will be crazy fast and super reliable.

Home Network Security

As viruses and malware become increasingly sophisticated, your network requires an equally innovative solution. Gibson Protect helps you keep a lock on your network - and alerts you when any unwanted visitors try to enter. The software on the router performs scans and blocks viruses before you encounter them and prevents cyber criminals from accessing your network, keeping your sensitive information secure. We also analyze the data from thousands of malicious sites - phishing, hijacking, spyware, hardware, and malware sites are automatically blocked.


Parental Controls and Content Filtering


With Gibson Protect you can manage screen time, content, and access - all from our simple app! You can create profiles for each person in your home, with unique content filters, app, and website access rules, and time limits on internet access on your network. You can also review web, app, and online usage by profile for an overview of where your child is spending time online. You can also turn off or pause Wi-Fi, create bedtime schedules, and manage screen time to maintain a harmonious home.

Gibson Protect Limitations

Gibson Protect is a helpful service, but it's most effective when paired with open and honest conversations. This service only works on devices connected to your home network and if you are using the equipment we provide. If you need help on how to navigate the digital world with your kids, take a look at the resources and guides ConnectSafely and Bark have created. You can find them at and at

How to Setup Your Gibson Connect Smart Home App