From Couch Co-Op to MMO, We've Got You Covered

No matter how you game, we have the connection you need. With super fast synchronous speeds, low latency, and unmatched reliability, you can download games in a snap and focus on battling the other team, not your Wi-Fi. Gibson Connect subscribers also get Gibson Protect, which allows you to prioritize bandwidth to your console or gaming rig so you always have the speed you need. You can learn more about Gibson Protect here.

Super-fast internet with low latency

Ultra-reliable fiber network

Free professional installation and Wi-Fi router

Simple and honest pricing; no contracts, hidden fees or surprise bills

Local customer service team ready to help you

For gamers like you, we recommend the 1 Gbps (1,000 Mbps) plan for $69.95 per month.

Looking for something more affordable?

Select the 250 Mbps plan for $49.95 at

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Jocelyn and Michael Freeman, Obion

Gibson Connect is awesome for gaming. I play World of Warcraft a few times a week and hubby plays on his Xbox as often as possible. We can't recall experiencing any lag, high latency, or sudden disconnects that impacted our gaming. We tell people to switch because they can depend on Gibson to provide stable service and great tech and customer service. In fact, my mom-in-law has recently made the switch!


Low Latency and High Speed

You can download games and patches faster than ever and won't have to suffer through another laggy match. 


Prioritize Your Bandwidth

Give your console or gaming rig all the bandwidth it needs so you can keep gaming no matter how many people use your Wi-Fi.


Built-in Security

Keep the bad guys and unwanted content out with our included network security and content filtering controls.

When you need more than just an internet connection

You deserve a partner that will support you and help keep your network safe. That's why our plans include:

  • Reliable high-speed internet
  • Network security
  • Device prioritization
  • Parental controls
  • Content, website, and app filtering
  • Professional installation
  • 100% local support
  • Managed Wi-Fi